A Period Mix

  • Add 1 or 2 ounces of blood
  • Sprinkle in pinches of light to medium (or extreme) cramping
  • Stir in a yoga routine
  • Take in a few capsules of Tylenol or Advil
  • Consume one tub of dark chocolate ice cream
  • Layer with a bag of potato chips
  • Let body soak for a 1/2 hour in a bubble bath 

Last weekend I watched the film, No Strings Attached (2010) and although the film is not one I would recommend there was one scene that really contributes to my research topic of menstruation. The scene features a guy (Adam) arriving at an apartment where the girls within are all on their period. He comes bearing gifts, cupcakes and A Period Mix. To explain, by definition, a Period Mix is a CD composed of music that helps women better relate to their experience of menstruation.

The songs featured include, “Red Red Wine” by UB40, U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love”. A complete song list is available online.

The concept of a Period Mix is not new to me. Earlier this year I was introduced to the music of Vinnie Angel. Some may be familiar with Vinnie and his Vinnie’s Tampon Cases. If not these cases are basically tampon cases with unique artistic design. Vinnie’s website describes his project as such:

Vinnie created his VTC project to provide period havers with a functional and enjoyable case to protect their period products from breaking in the bottom of their bags –and, by putting his cartoon face on every case, to entice men and boys to take an interest in the basics of women’s health. 

While the music on the site is a tad ridiculous, Vinnie’s vision to entice men and boys to take interest in menstruation is not. Adam says it best in the clip above: “You’re women and I think that is a beautiful thing.” Granted, he only said that because the script he read told him to, but if more men realized that what women go through is what makes them beautiful, unique, so incredibly important to this world, menstruation would become something more celebrated.

Do the men in our lives respect us enough to Google what we experience during our cycles? Or is menstruation simply the thing women experience once a month and the thing men seem to think they have a ‘right’ to not know about?

For any men reading this, please excuse my blatant disdain towards your views on women’s health. It is often hard for me to understand how many men (and boys) have come to believe that their ignorance concerning menstruation is acceptable. Writing about menstruation over the past year and sharing my research with men has confirmed this. Sadly what I have also found is that even some women believe that men should have no part in knowing what happens during ‘that time of the month’.

Why is that?

Are we embarrassed? Ashamed? Not in the know ourselves?

We all need to become more aware of what it means to menstruate. Take some time this long weekend to get to know Her (the uterus). You would be surprised what you can learn about your own body and of the women you love. And maybe if you are feeling a little creative, put together a period mix for the women in your life. Silence should not be something linked to menstruation because menstruation is so important to a woman’s health, our relationships and life in general.

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