minimizing loss

It is a subject many do not talk about, yet is something women (and men) may have to face at some time in their lives. Like most words relating to women’s health “miscarriage” sounds so horrible when it is spoken. In addition to what we know it as today (the loss of a baby and in my personal opinion the loss of life) miscarriage was originally used in the early seventeenth century to describe the loss of a shipment or letter. It is incredible that we continue to use this term. To think that losing our latest gadget that we bought on eBay could be described in the same way as a woman losing the life she carried inside of her is maddening.

Like menstruation, miscarriage is a taboo subject in our modern day society. Many do not talk about it, doctors and nurses distance themselves from the emotional effects it carries and a woman is oftentimes left with a shattering belief that something is wrong with her body.

While there are no words to help a woman through the situation, there certainly should be some words. While there is little medical support once the life has passed, there should be support for the life that has to carry the physical and emotional burdens of the loss. And while we as outsiders (or insiders) are silenced on the subject, I believe it is time for a “rebirth” on this matter.

I am not a mom, I have never been pregnant, but I am a woman, and each month every woman in some way or another experiences loss. Whether it is a loss of emotion or temper, a loss of hormone balance, weight, and tears, regardless, we lose something of ourselves.

We talk about loss all the time. We will phone our friends to cry, just because. We will share the shame of yelling at those precious little ones in our lives with other moms or the ridiculous argument we had with our partner over shoes, or paperclips, or whatever we saw in our line of vision at the time.

But when a woman loses the child inside of her, we seem to lose the words to talk about all the things we lost before.

For these reasons I want to introduce a new section to dropsofscarlet. Well actually I want to introduce a few new sections including a personal page of random rants, a feminism page, a pregnancy page as well as a book review section. I know this all sounds ambition but I ask that you bear with me while I try it out. Some pages may come and go but my passion for women’s health will remain a constant. And of course, leading the way will be the main page on all things menstruation.

Since beginning this blog my life has been turned upside down, wrenched sideways and bent backwards. Yet, a common thread that has run throughout is the promise of knowing I can write about it and that the words I write may empower someone to challenge the norm on women’s health and rewrite a new health plan for women.


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