traveling past

Dear U,

Well here we are again, on a vacation in the beautiful mountains. I have to admit I am enjoying the fact that U are not making a grand entrance this time around. Not having U fully working while we are on vacation got me thinking of all the times U were working (and working overtime if U ask me). Sure U are still popping in with your occasional “reminder”, but I have enjoyed not having to care for U on a full-time basis.

That being said, in the past U have not been without your special moments.

I remember them like yesterday…

There was the time at the outdoor music festival (nothing like a porta potty to make you feel closer to your period). There was also the time(s) we’ve visited New York City (who doesn’t love missing out on the great fun because they are too sick to keep anything down?).

There were also the many times at the cottage with friends, family and for our wedding anniversaries. While at campgrounds, hockey games, concerts, beaches, and amusement parks as well as traveling on road, boat and plane.

The many weddings! Whether I was a guest or a part of the wedding party you know how to find your way into matrimonial bliss. And of course the tail end of the honeymoon.

There were also some moments that were filled with mixed emotions such as the mission’s trip to the Dominican, hospital visits, and sadly many funerals.

For someone so young (14 years) you certainly have experienced a lot.

As we drove hour by hour down the I-75 I began to wondered why U are so persisted to show face whenever something important arises in my life?

I know it is not revenge, envy or hatred.

Can’t be love.

So what is it?

As I had a lot of time to think this through, I came up with this:

If something were happening to someone really important in my life I would want to be there to share in the experience. It therefore makes sense that U would want to do the same for me. 

While it can be tough to bear the weight of your presence, I do appreciate U standing by me, or rather being in me. I didn’t get it before, but I think I now understand and will try to be more welcoming. I only ask that U in return recognize that some things are better left experienced on one’s own.

For example, the upcoming cottage weekend we have planned with the family. Although U would make it more memorable, I think it is best that you sit this one out.


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