my grammys

In June I attended a conference that in the realm of menstrual cycle research could be classified as something akin to the Grammys.  Although it only had one award ceremony it truly was a showcase of the best of the best in menstrual cycle research! 

Being among the writers and scholars who help organize my thoughts for my Masters MRP was inspiring. I was quoting and citing studies in my presentation to the very people who wrote the texts. Engaging in conversation with like-minded individuals, people who “get you” and are just as enthusiastic about analyzing a femcare ad is a wonderful feeling.

I am talking about the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Biennial Conference.

For two and a half days I was immersed in menstrual cycle knowledge and teaching. I learned about organizations that I never knew existed. Met with artists that make beautiful works inspired by the menstrual cycle. I had dinner with scholars that have written texts that have transformed society’s view of the menstrual cycle and brought to light the dangers of disposable femcare products.

Because the menstrual cycle is so dear to my heart, and due to my everyday management of endometriosis, this conference really challenged me to think about my reproductive health and what it is I want the next year or so to look like.

Children, or no children, prescription drugs or holistic care, the disease will always be something I have to manage.

Discussion of endometriosis and the medical treatment of such a disease were ever-present at the conference. Dismissal of symptoms, experimental treatment, side effects of treatment… I’ve experienced it all and it was refreshing to know that the way I am feeling is not out of the ordinary.

I also realized that even though I don’t agree with how society pushes women to terminate their cycles completely, for some women, and maybe even for myself, this option… may just save our lives (or our sanity at the very least).

I hope all who have an interest in menstrual cycle research will join the SMCR as well as attend the 2015 conference! Hope to see you all there!


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