2014 in review

In the last few years since starting this blog, there has been a significant increase of menstrual-related content online and some of it has excitedly gone viral! As we draw a close to 2014, I wanted to highlight some of my favourites. While I can’t capture all of them in one post, I think most, if not all of these, will make for some interesting dinner conversations.

Reproduction in the Workplace
From advocating for paid menstrual leave to companies like Facebook and Apple offering to pay for women to freeze their eggs, it seems as though women are being given all sorts of “options”. Ideally a woman could “freeze” her job position and return back to exactly where she left off, but I guess family planning doesn’t play a role in company budget plans.

Pelvic Floor Muscles, Periods and Gaming
Whether you are jumping over obstacles with the pelvic floor exercise game, SKEA or attempting to break down the taboo around menstruation with the App, Tampon Run, gaming certainly introduced a new genre into the marketplace.

Policies and Periods
The resurgence of the Robin Danielson act, spurred a fair bit of debate around the oh so popular feminine hygiene aisle. The Act asks the FDA to mandate that tampon and pad manufacturers disclose all the ingredients found within their products on the outside of the box.  There was even a video made to encourage a change by Women’s Voices for the Earth titled: Always Detox the Box.

Menstrual Hygiene Day
May 28th, 2014 marked the first ever Menstrual Hygiene Day. Close to 100 organizations from around the world joined together to draw awareness to the global challenges surrounding menstrual hygiene. Be sure to join in for 2015!

Camp Gyno matures, sort of…
After a hilarious video by Hello Flo in 2013, the follow up was quite the masterpiece. The same adorable character fakes getting her period, only to have her mom throw her an over the top first moon party!

Subscribers Wanted!
And speaking of Hello Flo, period subscription services seem to be generating more buzz than Netflix! From your regular product needs to monthly snack boxes, these services seem to be meeting a need women didn’t even know they had. Of course, for those of us who use reusable options, the subscription features may not be as appealing.

Reusables on Primetime
In the fall of 2014, viewers in both Canada and the United States saw the premiere of The DivaCup commercial. If people didn’t know what a menstrual cup was, they sure do now!

Endo Goes Public
The launch of the ROSE Study by the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York is bringing some much-needed hope to the 1 in 10 women who suffer from the disease . If you or someone you know has endometriosis, this study is for them!

Cups Collapse
I first saw the Lily Cup Compact at a gynecological conference last Spring and since then the cup has literally gone viral. The frenzy of media attention surrounding Lily Cup can mostly be attributed to their campaign on Kickstarter which acted very much as a store front (allowing backers to essentially pledge money in exchange for a Lily Cup). Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry did a great review of Lily Cup (pros and cons) that I’d recommend checking out!


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