round two

uterus image

Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law for making me this beautiful design.

A few months ago I underwent a second laparscopic surgery in an attempt to stabilize the endometriosis. It’s been a tough few months of pain, nausea, slow walks and disposables.

Side Note: The doctor advised against using tampons or a menstrual cup for the first few weeks. I had to resort to disposable pads as the cloth ones weren’t cutting it. My trip to the feminine hygiene aisle was overwhelming. The pads I once used were redesigned and repackaged. I felt like a 13-year-old who first got her period and didn’t know what to buy. I bought the wrong absorbency twice, was incredibly uncomfortable and felt extremely guilty about the amount of waste I created over the last few months.

Thankfully since then my DivaCup and I have been reunited.

While I had already been through the surgery once before, knowing what would happen didn’t make things any easier. And this time around, they took care of a fair bit of growth. The recovery was a long process and continues still today.

The staff at the hospital was however incredible, going above and beyond to make sure I was stable before sending me home. Also, unlike the first time around, the surgeon actually came out and spoke to me post-surgery. I went home knowing exactly what was done, what my recovery time would be like. Without going into too much detail, the growth was substantial (Stage 4 Bilateral Endometriosis), but the doctor is hopeful that I will have 6-12 months of better periods (my last three cycles have been terrible, I’m hopeful things will improve).

Overall the surgery was a good experience. There are however a few things I wish I would have been told before.

(1) The first few periods after your surgery will result in worse pain than the surgery itself (at least for me it did).

(2) Take at least two full weeks off from work to recover.

(3) You will feel better. Having the surgery near the end of the year was good with regards to work, but really disappointing for my personal life. I missed out on many nights out, Christmas with my family and a number of unpaid work hours. At the end of the day you need to take care of yourself, even if it means missing out on some social time with loved ones.

(4) Have a support system in place. Whether it’s your spouse, a sibling, parent or good friend, you will want to see people (even if you feel horrible). I am blessed with a loving family who visited often (thanks mom), friends who spent the day with me when my husband went back to work and who brought great books, meals and plants to fill my home with colour and life.

I may still be in pain, but I made it through what is hopefully the worst of things.


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