the day-to-day likings of pink pad

Over the past few weeks my dependency on these menstrual mobile applications has gotten a little out of hand. Rather than rely on my own “feminine instincts” and bodily symptoms, I find myself checking my Apps to see if I am fertile as well as when my next period will be. This was a concern of mine when I started this project.

Some may wonder: “Why is this a problem?”

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rethinking Code Red

iPod’s App Store describes MEDL’s Mobile menstrual tracking application, Code Red, with the following text: “Code Red: A Survival Guide to Her Monthly Cycle. Period!”. Reviewers cite the App as “helpful” and a tool that allows men to “stay one step ahead of women”. Some even think Code Red “is better than the ones made for women”.

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While we no longer use the moon to track our menstrual cycles we all use some sort of system to count the days up until and in between our cycles. Some of us use the inside flap of the pillbox, others our daily calendar, still others a website or phone App.

As a woman not on the pill, I need to be intentional about tracking my period. But even if you are on the pill it is important that you are intentional about recording how you feel each day to ensure you have a healthy relationship with your uterus and self.

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